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Work Together. Amaze. Grow. These are not just words in our corporate motto - these are the WAG values we live by. We are approachable, ambitious animal lovers on a mission to provide the best quality of medical care to pets by empowering the veterinary practitioners we support every day. Established in 2014, we have over 300+ veterinary practices who uniquely care for clients and their pets based upon medical standards that fit their own approaches and cultures. We provide a support network for the business side of Veterinary Medicine, and trust you to care for your clients and their pets based upon your standards of care.

In Their Own Words

Since 2014, Dr. Jay Price has provided practice owners an alternative to “consolidators” that dictate how they should practice medicine. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, SVP provides an integrated support network that handles the “business” side of your business so that your team can focus on what matters most: caring for their pets and clients.

“Selling to SVP worked for me perfectly for my business and has continued for the last 3.5 years to keep their commitment to the values, commitment to great medical care for our patients and most of all have been loyal and have taken exceptional care of the employees. I am so thankful that I chose to sell to them.”
Candace Fluharty, CVPM
The Animal Clinic - Port Charlotte, FL

Why Should I Choose SVP?

1. Veterinarian founded and led

2. Clear vision and values

3. Unique operating philosophy (We have WAG)

4. Local hospital support

5. Talent pipeline

6. Career roadmaps for all employees

7. Proven track record

8. Medical autonomy

9. Retain your name and brand

10. Four flexible deal structures to choose from

What Does the Process to Partnership Look Like?

1. Schedule a conversation – Click Here

2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement and send SVP financial info for evaluation

3. Valuation discussion

4. Join the family

Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here to Download

1. How long is this process?

2. How can SVP help me grow my business?

3. What is SVP looking for in a potential partner?

4. What does a deal look like?

5. How long do I have to stay?

6. Will I have to change my brand and name?

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